Saturday, February 28, 2009


Did anyone else think the entire time Locke was at the cemetery: "Hey! Locke! Widmore faked an entire plane crash site, so I don't know that you should take this little tombstone seriously."

Also, when he was fashioning his noose, did anyone think: "Ah, it's nice to see Locke working with his hands again. I mean, really, how long has it been since we've seen him kill a boar?"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

An insane look at Episode 7

If I would've been on the ball last week, I would've blogged about the "Christ" characteristics of Mr. John Locke and how I didn't think he was going to stay dead. Unfortunately, I was lazy and now I can only parade around like I have any sort of clue what I'm talking about. So much for credibility. 
If Brandon's responsibility on this blog is to expressly state the facts, and Amy's is to be the comic relief, I suppose that mine is the role of the insane conspiracy theorist. I wear this hat with great pride. 
We know that Hurley talks to dead people. He and Charley hang out, and I'd like to think that is the reason that Hugo brought a guitar on to the plane. For whatever reason, Locke's mortal appearance freaked out our fine, flubby friend. Insane theory #1: Dead people have been telling Hurley to go back for quite some time. Hurley likely ignored them, because they were dead and he was in an asylum. It wasn't until Locke showed up that it got too real for him. It also explains why he was onboard the plane. 
I still would rather jump blindly into the arms of Benjamin Linus than Charles Widmore, because I still think that Locke is a nutbar. Charles Widmore said that Locke didn't have to die, and Ben took the liberty to fulfill the prophecy of Richard Alpert (Regardless of whether or not he knew that was what he was doing). I think that Ben is under the control of the Island, and Chuck wants to control the island. 
Ms. Hawkings is an interesting figure. She is intriguing enough that Ben kills Locke simply for knowing her name. Also, as evidenced in "316" she seems to have Ben's subservience. She is a puppet master, and this bothers Ben.
I'm still dying to know what the hell is with the four-toed statue foot that they found at the end of season two. I'm guessing that J.J. Abrams had those writers dragged behind the studio and shot, because we've left a lot of the original weirdisms behind. Or perhaps the weirdisms are just sitting dormant, like a rare jungle disease, waiting to spring up on us without warning. I mention this because ancient Egypt is popping up. First on the map that Caeser finds in the Hydra and second when Hurley is seen painting the Sphinx. I'm going to go out on my crazy limb and say there's a connection to Egypt coming up. 
This has turned into a frightful ramble. I'm going to stop. Hope that Charley can follow the trend of Locke and mysteriously come back to life. 

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Here's what we got from last night's episode:

1. The names of Caesar and Ilana.

2. The 316 passengers who actually crashed (instead of being flashed off the plane) landed on the Hydra, while it appears Jack, Kate and Hurley (and probably Sayid and Sun) are on the main Island.

3. Abbadon works(ed) for Widmore.

4. Widmore left the Island the same way Ben and Locke did, and has been watching that spot in the Tunisian desert ever since.

5. Ben killed Locke after convincing him to not hang himself.

6. Hurley is more frightened of a visit from a corporeal Locke than one from a non-corporeal Locke.

7. Both Widmore and Ben seemed to share the goal of getting Locke back to the Island along with the rest of the 6, at least until John mentions Hawking.

8. Locke's old girlfriend, Helen, is apparently dead.

9. Walt is fine, and has dreamed of Locke, on the Island, wearing a suit, surrounded by people trying to kill him.

This episode was better than I thought it'd be. Am I missing any important points?

More thoughts and theories to come.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Teasers or revealers?

It feels a little odd to be an author on this blog - mostly because there are other authors. Not that that's bad, it just makes me feel a little more like big brother is looking over my shoulder. *ba dum bum chih!

Sorry, Brandon. I just felt the need to break the ice a little. I feel the need to be the comic relief on this site - and also to not talk so much about theories, but random other aspects of the show.

That being said, I've kind of noticed a trend in Lost teasers for the next week, shown at the end of the newest episode. It used to be like, "What's going to happen? Why does Sayid have that polar bear on a chain? (no, this never happened - it's just an example)" but now that the layout of the show deals with showing us what happens and then spending the whole episode to see how they get there, it's given huge things away in less than 30 seconds.

I mean, the teasers used to mostly tickle the brain, and give fodder to those who wanted to talk about what might happen the next week. Now, it seems everyone knows and it's common knowledge. "Well, we saw that Locke's alive in the next episode, so that mystery is gone. Although we probably knew that was true before they told us, now we pretty much know for sure. Oh- and he kills himself and Ben is there."

If the episode teaches us too much more, I'll be surprised. Has anyone else seen this happen lately with teasers, or is it just me?

Character connections

One of the more interesting parts of LOST is the fact that everyone seems to be connected to everyone else somehow. Our friends at the good ship Lostpedia have created a giant flowchart that shows how this works (as far as we know, so far).

Click image for a larger view.

We haven't discovered many (if any) of these in this season, so you tend to forget just how weird it all is.

What is the significance?

Friday, February 20, 2009

General theory/parallels

New blog reader lilvolks has some questions/theories about the origins of the Island: are my thoughts...1) E. Hawking talked about the Dharma's focus on the Island while also mentioning that there were other energy hot spots. Is this a reference to the energy power vortexs (like Sedona Az? There is a whole metaphysical mind set about energy vortexs and what they represent.) Which brings me to my next question...My BF and I were talking about this last night...the wheel in the cave...was that there from the beginning of the existence of the island? Because if the island came with the wheel, then wouldn't that imply that the Resistanc of the island is because someone and something put it there? And if it is ancient, who?

Now this would tie into the energy concepts I mentioned above because some of those energy theories suggest that these "power spots" have a connection to the lost city of Atlantis...which brings me back to the wheel, ancient island, energy...other beings??? or do you think that is too much of a leap, and I'm adding to the many other things that need to explain.

Interesting questions. If the Donkey Wheel was added by a people after the Island's creation (whenever that was), then the Island itself may be bucking against a kind of control, yes. Hmm. The Atlantis theory has been discussed, and I think discounted, though the similarities are there.

Lost is knee-deep in many religious doctrines, especially Christianity. So, we have the mysterious Jacob of Lost, but, the Jacob who is in the bible has 12 sons and one daughter. The last born son to Jacob in the bible is Benjamin. There is a story of Joseph, Jacob, and Benjamin in the bible...and there is also the story of Jacobs Ladder. And then, of course, the story of Doubting Thomas which Ben summerizes for Jack. I don't remember the stories but thought I would throw them out there as there may be threads that have connections to Lost.

Excellent finds. I especially like the Jacob's Ladder parallel. I'll have to look for more now.

Theories on "316"

Disclaimer: I took most of these from the Lostpedia article on the subject. That said, I read them all and only took the good ones, saving you valuable time and energy. Here are the ones I found interesting:

  • Jack needed to read the letter because Sawyer was reading his letter to "Sawyer" when the plane started going down.
  • A young Charlotte Lewis will learn to speak Korean from Jin. She will then grow up and need it. This is relevant to the episode because this is the episode where we discover Jin was around during the time of the Dharma Initiative.
  • Seventy-eight, the number of available seats on Flight 316 that Hurley bought is a reference to 78 A.D., the base year (year zero) of the Saka era used by some Hindu calendars. Namaste!
  • In The Lie, Ana Lucia said Libby says hello. This is not a throw-away comment. We shall soon see Libby visiting Hurley in jail, convincing him to return to the island.
  • Kate gave up Aaron to Sun, who has people watching after both him and Ji-Yeon. She doesn't know where for his own safety, and doesn't want to talk about with Jack because a.) it's painful and b.) she's afraid of compromising his safety if anyone else (especially Jack, whom she most recently saw working in concert with Ben, who was trying to take Aaron in the first place) knows the situation.
  • Desmond has to go back most of all, because, since the rules don’t apply to him, he is the only one who can change the past/future and many lives depend on him. As before, he tries to avoid his destiny, but the island will bring him back and he will do the great thing and change the past/future.
  • Ben had Desmond followed, realizing that Penny would be with him. Ben left the church with the intent of killing Penny. Charles Widmore, aware that Penny would go to LA with Desmond, thus placing herself in danger due to the likelihood that Ben might then find them and attempt to kill her, has been keeping tabs on Ben (which is also Sun's source for the surveillance photos). When Ben approached Penny's boat, he was apprehended, beaten, and thrown into the wharf by agents of Charles Widmore.
  • Ben did say he had to "keep a promise to an old friend" and that he just had to "tie up a loose end." And with Widmore's encounter with Desmond, I bet he was either keeping tabs on Ben or had Desmond followed.
  • Yes, Ben killed Penny - that's why he was at the docks. Desmond will team up with Widmore (maybe - out of shared Wrath) and will be drawn back to the island by this and his own guilt for feeling responsible (heeding Faraday's warning in spite of Penny's opinion). Desmond could have chosen to go willingly and maybe without the sacrifice of Penny; because he didn't the island "caused" drastic circumstances to convince him.
  • Widmore kidnapped Aaron to blackmail Kate into returning to the island. Widmore threatened her not to tell anyone or she'd never see the kid again. Kate will work as an agent for Widmore on the island.
  • Ilanna parallels US Marshal Edward Mars, helping to recreate the conditions of the original crash.
  • One character may be the proxy for several other characters. For example, Hurley stands in for himself, Charley (the case), Walt (the comic book), Libby (Santa Rosa), and Sawyer (released from police custody).
And this was my favorite:

  • The Oceanic 6 must return to the island is because they should have never left it in the first place. Let's retrace circumstances that allowed them to escape: 1. Penny's boat finds them floating around on the life raft -> 2. The chopper runs out of gas, so they use the life raft -> 3. The chopper is brought to the island by Lapidus -> 4. Lapidus finds the Island as a result from the call with Naomi's phone -> 5. The phone call is only possible because the signal that was jamming the communications was stoped by Charlie. However, we know that Charlie was supposed to be dead by that time, but Desmond kept on saving him. If Charlie was dead, as he was supposed to, the Kahana crew would have never found the island in the first place.
Not bad. Which ones do you find plausible? Which ones are just way off the mark?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Conversation on "316"

Amy: Um - I mostly have questions about Lost
It's not what we know - it's what I want to know

Brandon: ok hit me. We can post the conversation on the blog

Amy: Kay
So - first off, who was the "smart man" who figured out how to find the island?

Brandon: Mandi says Widmore

Amy: Hmmm

Brandon: he at least A. Knows it exists and B. wants to get back

Amy: That's true
Did Faraday figure out how to find the island, or did Widmore?

Brandon: Photo on the wall of the Lamp Post is a 1950's style shot of the Island with US Army labeled on it

Amy: Right

Brandon: Right, Widmore doesn't seem very technology-savvy... remember how he uses a Pager in The Economist?

Amy: Ha ha - yes

Brandon: but if he had the theory and hired Daniel to find it, he'd still be responsible, right?

Amy: That's true
Desmond doesn't feel the need to go back - why does everyone else?
How did someone get Hurley and Kate to go?

Brandon: Someone kidnapped Aaron and told her the only way she'd get him back is by returning.
Hurley... no idea.

Amy: That's what I thought - but she seems ashamed

Brandon: And what law-enforcement group wants Sayid in Guam?

Amy: Yeah...
Seems like an Oceanic/Widmore coverip

Brandon: bottom line is this: The Island wants them back, and so they're all going back.

Amy: That's true

Brandon: As Sayid shows, it doesn't even require your cooperation.

Amy: Ha ha
No kidding
All Ben would have to do is call in some info on Sayid's jobs he did for Ben

Brandon: but Guam?

Amy: I dunno

Brandon: maybe he's being sent to a Guantanamo-type place.

Amy: That could be true

Brandon: he sees the other 6, realizes what's going on, and accepts it when compared to the alternative.

Amy: So, the island takes only the people in first class?

Brandon: and Lapidus? Good work, writers, putting him there. The intended original pilot for 815.

Amy: Yes it was
It looks like it's the Oceanic 6, plus Frank and the random police person who make it on the island

Brandon: My guess. And Hispanic Guy.

Amy: Have we seen him before?

Brandon: no

Amy: He seems vaguely familiar

Brandon: I'll double check

Amy: He talks to Jack in line like he knows him
Or of him

Brandon: more plausible

Amy: Could it be Widmore, putting more people on the island, like the original team sent to find the island?
And why did the first group parachute/freighter in, rather than take a flight?

Brandon: ok so the guy's name is Caesar.

Amy: Aaaahhh

Brandon: but we've never seen him before. How we know his name, no idea.
your above questions are good ones

Amy: Yeah - that's weird
Maybe Widmore has an idea about how to find the island - but he doesn't have the flight book anymore, considering he had to leave the island
So he has to find other ways
ie - Faraday

Brandon: the flight book?

Amy: The random book Eloise looks up the flight in and shows to Jack

Brandon: well that's just a list based on the results of the research at the Lamp Post cross-referenced with flight plans.

Amy: Oh

Brandon: Also, nice work with Lamp Post.
Go Narnia.

Amy: Yay!
They get the best book references in there
Okay - so Locke dies

Brandon: Ben is read The Odyssey

Amy: Does he come back alive - or join the Order of Dead People of the Island?
Ah - I was wondering what book he was reading
I could read "yss"

Brandon: he's going to resurrect. They set it up hardcore with Ben going all Christian theology on us.

Amy: That's true

Brandon: the book says "Ulysses," the Latin spelling of Odysseus.
so it could be the Illiad.

Amy: What was the loose end Ben ties up?

Brandon: the one where he's beat to a pulp?

Amy: Yeah

Brandon: I'm thinking a Widmore agent.

Amy: Does Aaron have to go back to the island? If so, has someone kidnapped him and taken him there?

Brandon: the "loose end" is probably "going to get my broken arm set"

Amy: Ha ha

Brandon: Aaron has always been considered one of the Oceanic 6, right?
and he's got that "special" thing going.
I think he's got to get there eventually.

Amy: Right
And that's probably what they told Kate
Why does Kate not want to talk about it, though?

Brandon: that bugged me. Jack's like "Okay!"

Amy: I mean, it's painful and all, but she seems ashamed, not in pain
I know - the classic Kate "I'm going to sleep with you to make you stop talking"

Brandon: haha she's nuts

Amy: Yes she is

Brandon: hmm ashamed... but why?

Amy: Maybe she thinks it's her fault they took Aaron from her
Even if it's not

Brandon: fair. But doesn't answer why she wouldn't just tell Jack.

Amy: Or the fact that she made that promise to Claire to not take Aaron back or go back herself

Brandon: 1. She didn't promise Claire anything.
2. Claire only cared that Aaron not return.

Amy: Hmmm

Brandon: 3. Claire was some kinda hallucination. :)

Amy: Ha ha
Or on the side of the island that doesn't want them to come back

Brandon: right
The heck is with Jin?

Amy: I have no idea
How could he be around long enough between jumps to put on a dharma suit and get a dharma van?

Brandon: no kidding
like I said in my post, he acts 100% Dharma
even alone
which means he's bought into the Dharma context of "There are hostiles here, anyone not Dharma is a threat."
which means he's probably experienced a hostile attack?

Amy: Yeah
How did he have time in between jumps?
Or maybe when the Oceanic 6 come back, the people are stuck in the time period they've jumped to?

Brandon: assume the jumps come at random intervals... maybe they're stuck in a really long one

Amy: That could be true

Brandon: because the 6 have been back for like 5 minutes.

Amy: But I thought the problem was they were moving too fast

Brandon: me, too, and maybe they still do
just this is an abnormally long one

Amy: Hmmm

Brandon: once it's done, back to quick skips

Amy: Does it seem like Jin knows them/

Brandon: yes
he's surprised and recognizant
but how would the Losties and Freighter folk infiltrate Dharma?
do any of them have contacts with the organization?
Juliet might could fake it....

Amy: Didn't you think they recruited people from crashes and such?
Pretend you've crashed and you're golden
But all we saw was Jin who infiltrated Dharma

Brandon: no, the Others do that.
Dharma brings their people in on boats, apparently.

Amy: Maybe Dharma does it, too

Brandon: Ben and Roger

Amy: Hee hee
Roger Workman

Brandon: we saw Jin and Faraday acting Dharma.
not a leap to assume the rest get in, too

Amy: Faraday looked like he was just sneaking in, though

Brandon: true
the Jin thing comes from just about nowhere.

Amy: Yup

Brandon: annoyed at the "Hey look, Jack, Hurley, and Kate made it back! Now let's show you how they did it!"

Amy: Ha ha - you didn't care that much?
Except they DON'T tell you how they make it back, really - what lead up to Hurley and Kate going back

Brandon: much like next week's "Hey here's what Locke did from Locke's perspective! You already know he spent a lot of time trying to convince the others to go back, then killed himself, but here it is live!"

Amy: Yeah

Brandon: it just feels like they're wasting time

Amy: Maybe it's vacation time

Brandon: when Jack is sitting there with Locke's suicide note for like five minutes before he opened it I got annoyed

Amy: Or it was when it was being written
Ha ha
No kidding

Brandon: I wish you had believed me? Really?
lamest note ever

Amy: Were those the magic words, or did he just happen to read them right when the window opened?
Ha ha - especially a suicide not

Brandon: super obvious

Amy: Not "Say these magic words and drink a bottle of vodka:"

Brandon: Mandi did theorize that Ms. Hawking represents the fusion of science and faith. A Locke/Jack hybrid.

Amy: Huh - it's true
Although it kind of seems the church is a front for the Lamp Post

Brandon: Hawking believes.

Amy: That God controls the island?
Oh - she believes in SOMEthing, not necessarily faith in God

Brandon: just believes. It's like in Serenity where Book tells Mal to just believe in something.

Amy: Right

Brandon: Ms. Hawking controls the Lamp Post. Was it forcibly taken from Dharma, or is she part of them?

Amy: Good question
I think she took it over after everyone from the Initiative dies

Brandon: lots of Dharma on the mainland.

Amy: It seems she was part of the original Dharma initiative

Brandon: so part of the original... but Dharma seeks to exploit the Island, contrary to the goals of the Others.

Amy: That's true - I think she's kind of a cross and set apart from it all
She doesn't trust Ben completely, but helps him get back to the Island
I like the "Keeper of Time" theory

Brandon: haha that was the best. "Is he lying?" "Probably."

Amy: It was awesome

Brandon: note he lies about his mother teaching him how to read
and about knowing Locke killed himself.

Amy: Right - but I think he's just tongue in cheek about the reading thing

Brandon: he was, but it's still a lie

Amy: Yeah

Brandon: a meaningless, compulsive lie

Amy: I think he's a compulsive liar

Brandon: me, too.

Amy: Sometimes it just comes out

Brandon: right.


Things we learned from the episode "316."

1. Dharma built a station in L.A., the Lampost, before any of the ones on the Island (Swan, Flame, Tempest, Orchid, Pearl, Arrow).

2. Locke killed himself (and by virtue of "next week on LOST," we learned that Ben was there for the suicide). 

3. The Lampost was built to help Dharma find where the island is in time, and it still functions. 

4. To return to the Island, you need to be on a plane flying over the geographic location the Island is during that time. However, actually crashing said plane on the Island is not required. 

5. Faraday tells Desmond to find Ms. Hawking. Desmond does. This accomplishes nothing. 

6. Jin ends up driving a Dharma Initiative van, wearing a Dharma Initiative uniform, carrying a Dharma Initiative rifle, and acting like a Dharma Initiative member. This is similar to Faraday's apparent position as a Dharma construction worker in the season premiere. 

Anything else?

Interpretations later today. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ret Con-ing

One of the main aspects of LOST (and something that makes the show interesting) is that things we saw in previous seasons can suddenly make sense in light of new revelations. Here's a simple example: Minkowski the radio guy on the Kahana starts getting nosebleeds and eventually dies. We have no idea why until the episode The Constant, where it's all explained. Other examples are the polar bear Sawyer kills and why Kate is rubbing her wrists just after the crash in the pilot episode. 

There are two ways to look at this phenomenon; the first is that the writers had it planned all along. When they introduce Charlotte at the beginning of season 4, they have her smile at finding the polar bear skeleton because they've already written that she spent a lot of her childhood on the island and is trying to find her way back.

The other is that these are Ret Cons, or examples of Retroactive Continuity. The writers use a new revelation to explain something unexplained in the show history because it works, not because they had it planned out the whole time.

I think there are examples of both on LOST.  

How do you see it?

Friday, February 13, 2009

LOST conversation

My sister Amy and I had a LOST conversation over Google Chat Thursday afternoon. Here's what happened:

Amy: I read your post
That pretty much sums things up
Except - why was Juliet being so affected by the time jumps?
I thought Farraday said that the time you spend on the island correlates with how well you take the jumps

Brandon: yes
and she's been on the Island longer than the Losties

Amy: But she seems to be more affected -
Or about the same

Brandon: no way
she's been working for Ben for at least a couple years
we don't know exactly how long

Amy: I know - but she seems to be affected more

Brandon: um
because she has spent more time on the island
I'm not sure we're on the same page

Amy: I thought the MORE time you spent on the island the LESS you're affected by the jumps

Brandon: no no
it's the opposite
that's why Charlotte is dead

Amy: Ohhhh

Brandon: and why Miles is so interesting

Amy: Interesting?

Brandon: he was the next one to get a nosebleed after Charlotte
which means he's spent a lot of time on the island at some point. Chang's baby?

Amy: Yeah - he was
I'm pretty sure he is
But when/how did he get off the island if it showed Chang as being under fire and basically planning to die?

Brandon: an excellent question
maybe Faraday got him off?

Amy: Hmmm

Brandon: maybe Chang sent his wife and kid off before the Purge

Amy: Maybe
That would make sense
When did they have the sub?
Dharma Initiative?
How does Charlotte know about the well?

Brandon: yeah, but Charlotte made it sound like getting off was easy with Dharma

Amy: Yeah
She did

Brandon: remember her and her mom packed up and took off no problem

Amy: Right

Brandon: Charlotte spent anywhere from 5 to 20 years on the island
that's a lot of time to learn about it
still a chance she's Ben and Annie's kid

Amy: Yeah - but no one else knew about the cave
That's what I was thinking, too

Brandon: what cave?

Amy: The wheel cave

Brandon: Locke told her they were looking for the Orchid
she'd know where that was, and that there is a well nearby

Amy: Maybe someone might have fallen in the well - but how would they know to turn the wheel and then how would they come back?

Brandon: the well's a fake
it was an early way to get there
camoflauged entrance

Amy: Huh

Brandon: I still think the most important stuff we learn is during Jin's experiences with Rousseau

Amy: I think so, too
But Smokey was acting completely different than usual
Why didn't he make Eko a guard?

Brandon: also: Jin's English is kick-awesome after like two months of informal training.

Amy: Or the pilot?
Ha ha - no freaking kidding

Brandon: make Eko a guard?

Amy: And yet, he starts speaking in Korean
I mean - change Eko and send him back out among the Losties

Brandon: he starts speaking in Korean because the concepts discussed were a bit obscure and too important to miss and because Charlotte was there

Amy: What would be the point of Smokey doing that?
Wight wight
And he knew Charlotte spoke Korean?
Or the audience needed to know?

Brandon: yes he knew she spoke Korean

Amy: How?

Brandon: on the way to the baby station, he notices that she understands him talking to Sun

Amy: Oh yeah

Brandon: and calls her on it

Amy: Wight wight

Brandon: But re: altering, why not change Jack? Or Locke?

Amy: Yeah

Brandon: but
how do we know he hasn't? :)

Amy: Woh...
Dun dun dun
I pretty much love that Eloise is like, "You need everyone to go back to the island" and then only half show up and she's fine

Brandon: yeah exactly

Amy: She made it sound dire
Maybe they can go through time and snatch the others somehow
Brandon: well, the preview for next week shows that Kate is in, somehow

Amy: Yup - Jack pours on the charm and she's gone

Brandon: heck no

Amy: Ha ha

Brandon: he's poison to her
something else has to happen

Amy: But it shows them kissing
Kay - whatev

Brandon: true. Kate's messed up.

Amy: Sooo true
My guess is she gets into more trouble with Aaron and Jack comes to save her and tell her he'll be a dad to Aaron

Brandon: and then she's like "Sweet deal, let's go back to the Island!'
not seeing it. But I guess it could happen.

Amy: Yeah - okay, no
But I
'm pretty sure the only way she'd go back is if Aaron was in mortal danger

Brandon: agreed
but re: Robert and Danielle....

Amy: Okay
I was like, "No wonder Danielle's all messed up!"

Brandon: what the heck is the point of Smokey altering Robert, sending him back to convince Danielle that it's really him, and then shooting her dead?

Amy: Exactly

Brandon: just take her if you want her dead
seems overly complicated

Amy: No kidding
I agree
Unless Smokey's just playing
Or there are the conflicting powers on the island - again

Brandon: yep

Amy: One side wants her dead, the other wants her alive
Smokey doesn't get her because he's controlled by one power -

Brandon: but he's altered Robert to do it, right?

Amy: And something else weird altered Robert

Brandon: possible

Amy: Just because it's so out of character for everything we've seen for Smokey

Brandon: so there's mind-altering equipment at the Temple?
and Smokey merely retrieved the Frenchies to be altered by The Others?

Amy: Hmmm - that's an interesting thought
Except...Juliet turns the fence on to keep Smokey out -
Maybe during the purge - or other types of battles - Smokey changes sides
Or gets pissed with everyone
Or Jacob loses control of everyone

Brandon: it's incentive to keep Recruited Others from exploring the Island? Because Ben certainly can control him

Amy: He can?
Has Ben every come up against Smokey?

Brandon: he releases Smokey on the mercenaries after they kill Alex

Amy: Oh yeah

Brandon: and they leave him alone
I mean Smokey does

Amy: We don't know that for sure...
Do we?
Doesn't he just disappear?

Brandon: he goes down into an ancient cave, and seconds later Smokey's wreaking havoc
he has to control him

Amy: Right
Or someone else in the cave does

Brandon: right after Alex dies? It's waaaay too conveninent that Smokey randomly shows up and starts pwning mercenaries at that money

Amy: Then, why don't they just have Smokey kill those not on the list?
I like money better

Brandon: ha

Amy: Seems like if he can figure out who to kill and who to keep alive, then it would be much easier than the Others snatching the ones on the list
And the kids

Brandon: yeah, Smokey seems to be a bit out of control

Amy: And pregnant women
But seems incredibly in control in Rosseau's time

Brandon: like he's been on the Island longer than anyone, even the Others, and they know his tendencies and can take advantage of them, but they don't control him

Amy: Right
Or Ben made some sort of sacrifice/deal with Smokey to get him to do what he wanted that onc

Brandon: maybe

Amy: Why does Ben fall out of favor with the island?
Could that be why?

Brandon: he used Smokey for his own purposes?

Amy: Right

Brandon: I think it's a general thing... like with Widmore.
just started being selfish and thinking you know better than Alpert/Jacob

Amy: Huh - right
How does Rosseau die?

Brandon: shot taking Alex and Carl to the Temple

Amy: Oh, wight wight

Brandon: tragic, tragic figure

Amy: Yes sir

Brandon: has to kill her crew and her husband

Amy: She looks so happy and pregnant at the beginning

Brandon: gets her baby stolen

Amy: Yeah

Brandon: spends the next 18 years being hunted and entirely alone

Amy: Has to give birth alone

Brandon: yep

Amy: Finally meets her daughter again, and then dies trying to save her

Brandon: well, that's actually good in comparison to the rest of her time on the island

Amy: That's true

Brandon: what mom wouldn't give her life for her kid?
at least she saw her again

Amy: True

Amy: So - were Rosseau and Carl and Alex going to the Temple - like, the cave where Smokey dragged them?

Brandon: must be

Amy: Have we ever seen it before - besides Ben going in there before Smokey kills the mercenaries?

Brandon: where the Others were chilling during the mercenary attack

Amy: Huh

Brandon: not sure Ben actually goes in there

Amy: So Smokey must know enough to not kill others

Brandon: Juliet sure seemed afraid of it
but was it all an act?

Amy: Yeah- that's the weird part
Maybe - or Ben kept it under his hat until the Others really needed to hide out

Brandon: kept what?

Amy: The fact that Smokey wouldn't kill Others and they have some control over him

Brandon: or he can

Amy: True

Brandon: another annoying thing

Amy: Shoot

Brandon: we were introduced to Smokey before anything else Island and we know little to nothing about him

Amy: Nope
Then, all of a sudden, his entire character seems to change with Rousseau

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two theories

Here are two theories I've come up with while watching this season of LOST.

1. We don't know where Christian's allegiances lie. He definitely dislikes Ben, and he does appear in Jacob's cabin, but we have no reason to believe he speaks for the Island or Jacob. What if there are two competing forces on the Island, each with its own agenda? Jacob represents one, and Christian represents the other. Remember, the only thing we've ever heard Jacob say is, "Help me." Something is going on there.

2. The thing that gets me the most about LOST, I think, is that they introduced The Others very, very early in the first season, and we still know little to nothing about them.

My theory is that the only "true" Other is Richard Alpert... he's tied to the island in some magic way (the no aging, etc.). Every other Other is recruited. There are varying accents, skin colors, etc. When people crash on the island, Jacob tells Alpert (or Ben or whoever) to take those who are "good" (whatever the crap that means) and kill the rest. Non-Alpert Others can die (and be booted from the Island, ie. Widmore) and recruitment is how they replenish their numbers.

On a related vein, it seems the Others that are off-island don't know that Ben has lost his "favored son" status. The lady in the butcher shop and the lawyer who's working to get Hugo out of jail still follow him unquestioningly. Are they loyal to Ben moreso than they are to the Island? What is their function?

And in general, I have no idea what the Others are all about. Obviously they function as Defenders of the Island, but beyond that... there have to be other goals. I just don't know what they are.


Let's get to it: Season 5, Episodes 4 and 5

I started this blog as a place for all my fellow LOST addicts to gather and bounce theories and ideas off each other. The basic premise is exactly as the blog name sounds: I'll start a list of Things We Learned From LOST Last Night (along with some commentary) and everyone else can add their two cents; whether that's adding to the list, proving me wrong, or injecting a new theory.

So without further ado...

Episode 4 - The Little Prince

To be honest, I found this episode to be disappointing. First off, it has such a promising name... The Little Prince is a weird book, and I figured there'd be some interesting stuff here as a result. But no. Here's all we learned:

1. Jin is alive. Meh, that has been suspected all along. He was on the deck of the Kahana when it blew up, and explosion originated from the other side of the ship, below decks. Odds were good he'd survived.

2. The more time one has spent on the Island, the quicker the time jumps kill them. Charlotte leads in that department, then it's Miles, Juliet, and then the 815-ers.

One boring development, one fairly interesting development. Not a lot to show for a 42-minute show where there are 6.4 million loose ends to tie up and only about 25 episodes to do it in.

Last night's episode was better.

Episode 5 - This Place is Death

Much more interesting than Episode 4.

1. We learned that Charlotte spent some time on the Island as a child, as her parents were part of the infamous Dharma Initiative. We don't know whether she was born there or not, but she left the Island forever with her mother at an undetermined age. After this explanation, she dies. This is somewhat disappointing, as we'd been wondering what her story was since she was introduced in the second episode of Season 4, Confirmed Dead. Now we know the backstory and she ceases to be relevant. Meh.

2. Faraday at some point travels back in time to Charlotte's childhood and tries to warn her to never come back to the Island. This despite his claim that you can't change the timeline in Because You Left. It appears Faraday has some way of time traveling other than the Island's time jumps; he is in the Orchid at the time of Dr. Pierre Chang (1970's?), and seems to be the cameraman in a video Dr. Change records later on.

3. We see what happens to Rousseau. Sayid is initially suspicious of Danielle's claim that her crew became sick and she was forced to kill them, but Jin witnesses important parts of the storyline and it appears she is telling the truth. This introduces three new aspects of Smokey we hadn't known before:
  • He can apparently alter people in a creepy and unclear way. Danielle's husband, Robert, was not an apparition like Yemi was when he appeared to Eko, as Danielle's bullets killed him and the other "altered" members of her crew. Yet Robert was definitely changed, as he convinced Rousseau to let her guard down and then attempted to kill her.
  • After Smokey dragged one of the Frenchies down one of his holes, we heard plaintive yells for help coming from said hold. We've never seen that before. Either a.) Smokey really let the dude go, meaning Frenchie would yell for help and lure the others down there as well, or b.) he had already altered the guy and was using him like a puppet, or c.) he had created a Yemi-like apparition and was using that as bait. Regardless, it was a very unsettling moment and shows what lengths Smokey can and will go to to achieve his (generally vague) aims. Speaking of aims...
  • Smokey specifically guards the Temple, in addition to filling his role as generic Island protector. What function the Temple serves, I have no idea.
(Just a random rant: I find it highly improbable that a human could retain a hold on another person's arm with enough strength to tear the arm from the body. I mean, come on... your fingers would slip way before it got to that point.)

4. The Temple the Others use is covered in what look like Egyptian hieroglyphics, much like the ones we saw in the Swan after Desmond and Locke decide to not enter the Numbers.

5. Locke was definitely supposed to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel, not Ben, at least according to Christian. (I'll get to Christian in a minute) The Wheel is off its axis for some reason. Is this why the Island is skipping?

6. Ms. Eloise Hawking is definitely Faraday's mother, despite the fact that she has an English accent and he does not. Theory confirmed.

7. While Ms. Hawking is insistent that Ben gather every one of the Losties who got off the island, when Ben returns with only Jack and Sun, she doesn't seem that perturbed. "Well, let's get started"? That's it?

That's all I could come up with. Again, let me know what stuff I'm missing.