Friday, December 4, 2009

It's almost time

LOST returns in almost exactly two months, so I figured I'd brush up on my LOST knowledge by watching random (hopefully important) episodes from the previous five seasons.

Today: Pilot - Part 1

-Right off the bat, Jack is drunk. He does pretty well for himself, considering. Saves several lives.

-I am not convinced Jack fell from the plane. His location when he wakes up is a good distance from the beach, and he's in the middle of a bunch of trees.

-Locke helps Jack lift part of the plane off a dude. Interesting that the first time they meet, they're helping each other save a life. The relationship generally goes south from there.

-Jack saves Rose's life by giving her CPR. How ironic would it be for her to die minutes after being cured of her cancer thanks to the Island's healing properties?

-Kate is rubbing her wrists the very first time we see her. Big ol' clue.

-Kate seems more scared and vulnerable at this point (sewing up Jack) than any other time in the series.

-The first time we get a solo shot of Sawyer, he's smoking. Did he quit later? I don't remember him smoking at all. I guess being forced to go cold turkey over a few weeks thanks to no cigarettes would explain that.

-Kate says Jack doesn't seem afraid at all. Jack tells her the story of his first spinal surgery, where he messes it up and gives himself five seconds to be scared, then fixes the problem. I think maybe he's so calm because he's wasted. :)

-It's intriguing how tertiary Jack has become, considering he was the guy of the first couple seasons.

-Jack tells Kate "You're not running now," after she says she would probably run away if faced with the spinal surgery crisis Jack told her about. Impactful.

-Awww, Walt is little.

-Smokey is tearing around in the jungle 20 minutes in, even before the first commercial break. And we still don't know exactly what he is.

-There's a shot of everyone reacting to Smokey and the director manages to get only major characters in the shot, but made it look random. Nice.

-The very first flashback of the series is 21 minutes in, immediately after the first commercial break.

-Cindy, the flight attendant turned Other, gives Jack more booze on the flight.

-The pilot gets beaten to death (or whatever) by Smokey. Why? Far as I remember, Smokey doesn't kill anyone for a long time after the crash. Was the pilot judged and found so unrepentant he was irredeemable? Was he somehow a threat to the safety of the Island?

That's it. I'll get Pilot - Part 2 up sometime next week.