Monday, May 11, 2009

John's LOST finale prediction - are you watching?

OK, so first off: here's to what I may call the finest season of LOST. Period. No season has done more than Season 5 to answer so many of the questions that we all had in the last ___ years. It also reminds me of why I love this show so much: the writing.

It astounds me that nearly all the questions I refer to as "biggies" have come answered (or partially, at least), in a way that progresses the story of the survivors while not being merely an addendum of the mythology. Sure the mythology of the island, et al. is cool, but without a gripping story with characters to care about, there's not much there.

Boo. Ya.

So without further adieu, my thoughts on the finale.

I think Jacob is non-existent (eek!). And John knows it. It could be some sort of cover up drawn up by Ben and Richard (one of my favorite characters in the show) to keep control over The Others. I'm not sure why, except that John's idea to "kill" Jacob means that he's going to show everyone that they've been duped by Ben and Richard. However, I don't think that Richard's participation in it would be nearly as sinister as Ben's; I think he would have a good reason for it, as he seems to be quite in tune with the island--though not to John's apparent closeness.

Other than that, I have no idea what will happen with the sub, besides that maybe something goes awry (vague, I know) and they need to head back. All I know is that something big will happen, as Brandon mentioned, involving Sun, Lipidus, John, Jack, Smokey, and the Island, which will make for some interesting theories until Season 6. The Final Season.


But, at least it'll be good. Happy watching!

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  1. I don't agree with you that Jacob isn't real. In one of the episodes Hurley saw him. John Locke has seen him and has heard him. I personally think that Jacob is going to be John Locke, stuck in some sort of time warp. When Locke visited Jacob with Ben, Jacob said, "help me." So maybe Locke is thinking that by killing him, he'll be releasing him. or something.... LOVED all the links though. Nice touch. :)